We grow 4 varieties of strawberries: CHANDLER - One of our best sellers, they produce a high yield, have a brilliant fruit color, and a wonderful flavor. They have a classic strawberry shape with a medium firmness and grow to a medium to large berry and are very hardy.  SWEET CHARLIE - These berries are just as the name implies-sweet--like they are covered in sugar. They come in about 7 to 10 days earlier that the other varieites. Sweet Charlie produces a larger firm fruit and are diseased-ressistent but produce a lower yield.  CAMAROSA - Camarosa produces usually from early to late season.  They produce large conical-shaped attractive fruit that is sweet and produces a high yield with an excellent shelf-life.    FESTIVAL -  They have a firm mostly large, conical shape like the camarosa with a high yield and a great flavor.  They maintain their attractiveness and flavor during and after long-distance travel.
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